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Shop Commercial Mortgage specializes in equity driven loans for borrowers looking to refinance or purchase commercial property. If you are self-employed, have blemished credit, or have income verification problems, working with Shop Commercial Mortgage offers many advantages over traditional bank loans. Because hard money is primarily equity based, doing business with Shop Commercial Mortgage and their pool of Hedge Finance and Private Capital investors means more loan endorsements, more loan closings, and more accurate quotes than with traditional Investing institutions. When you need a commercial loan, time can be critical. Whether you need to pay property taxes, pay off an IRS lien, buy equipment, purchase another building, or improve a building you don’t need to wait 60 days for an answer from the bank. Shop Commercial’s underwriting team issues validations within 24 a 48 hours. Not only is getting an answer about your loan so much faster, imagine a closing time of 21 days or less. That’s a significant advantage. With Shop Commercial there are no upfront fees and you may be able to save thousands on appraisal fees.

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Clearly there are many advantages to getting a hard money loan through Shop Commercial, and here are some more highlights to think about. Interest rates of 8-12%, terms of 1/2/3/5 and 7 years, and loan sizes from 50 thousand to 10 million. Applying for your equity based loan doesn’t require credit, plus lease income is okay as well as 12 months of bank statements. And if your business shows a loss on its taxes, Shop Commercial’s underwriting team is committed to helping the deal close. You may be able to close in as little as 14 days. Closing in LLC or partnership is allowed and investors are protected. Whether an appraisal fee is required is determined case by case and depends on the deal.

Own your own business and need a commercial loan? Your equity may be the ticket to a fast, easy, hard money loan. Shop Commercial Mortgage specializes in self-employed borrowers and boasts 150 years of commercial loan experience. Doing business with Shop Commercial provides real advantages that make a difference. References upon request.

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