Advantages of Doing Business With Shop Commercial Mortgage

Shop Commercial Mortgage is not your typical commercial mortgage lender. We offer many advantages over conventional commercial lenders, with the primary advantages being the ability to get commercial lending without credit or if you are self-employed. There are many others:

Types of Commercial Properties for Hard Money Loans

Florida Commercial Mortgage | Miami Private Money At Shop Commercial Mortgage, our investor network is looking for opportunities to put their money to work providing you loans against the equity in a commercial property. Our investors secure their investment against that equity, allowing you to get the money you need even if you have less […]

Why Choose Shop Commercial Mortgage?

FL Commercial Hard Money Loans | Florida Private Money If you are looking for a commercial mortgage, why go through the hassles of a conventional bank when you can use the services of Shop Commercial Mortgage? You need to consider Shop Commercial Mortgage for your next commercial property purchase. Here’s why:

Everything You Need to Know About Land Loans!

Florida Commercial Land Loans Looking to invest in a parcel of land for a new business venture, or to build your dream home? Shop Commercial Mortgage has Everything You Need to Know About Florida Land Loans! Unless you are ready to hand over cash up front, this process is not as simple as you may […]

Facts About Small Business Growth & Financing

Florida Private Investors | Orlando Commercial Loans If you own a small business, you probably know the importance of having financial resources to grow your business. The Small Business Administration recently released a few facts about small business growth, like 34 percent of small businesses take out a line of credit and around 55 percent […]

Facts About Small Business Growth & Financing

Florida Hard Money Investor | Miami Commercial Loans Small businesses use a variety of financing sources for starting and growing their businesses. Startups rely about equally in personal finances and bank credit to start a business. When growth is needed, the sources of financing may become more diverse.