If You are Self-Employed, We Can Help.

There are countless advantages to being self-employed; you answer to yourself, can set your own schedule, and you make all the decisions! However, there are some things that prove more difficult. If you’re in need of a personal loan and aren’t sure where to start, Shop Commercial Mortgage can help! We have been providing 150 […]

Obtain Commercial Hard Money in Jacksonville

Jacksonville area real estate investors and commercial businesses are tired of the red tape dealing with conventional banks for financing. You have another option by looking at hard money financing from Shop Commercial Mortgage!

Facts About Small Business Growth & Financing

Florida Hard Money Investor | Miami Commercial Loans Small businesses use a variety of financing sources for starting and growing their businesses. Startups rely about equally in personal finances and bank credit to start a business. When growth is needed, the sources of financing may become more diverse.

Private Money For Your Strip Centers When Banks Say No

Ft Lauderdale Private Investors | Miami Commercial Loans Do you need a loan to refinance or purchase a strip center? Have you been turned down by the bank? You can still qualify for a commercial hard money loan from Shop Commercial. Our investors are ready to invest into your needs. Even if you have income […]

Learn more about our Commercial Loan Criteria!

Tallahassee Commercial Loans | Florida Private Investor Shop Commercial Mortgage wants to get you the commercial loan you need. We connect you with investors who want to give you a commercial loan based on or secured by your clear equity on a commercial building. There are many advantages to a hard and private money loan, […]

Nationwide & Commercial Hard and Private Money Loan Programs.

florida commercial specialty loans

At AHL we pride ourselves at being a leader in offering the largest and best selection of commercial loan programs in Florida and Nationwide.  The market for Alt – A Commercial Lending has grown as 90% of all commercial borrowers are self employed.  As the banks have gotten tighter on their underwriting guidelines on commercial loans they  have purged their balances sheets of many under  preforming commercial loans.  What has happened is that we have a huge pool of good commercial borrowers who might not be able to show their income, prove their income on their tax returns because they depreciate everything to get tax breaks.