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Working with a conventional bank can be a stressor, especially when seeking a commercial mortgage. Instead of going the bank route, consider seeking commercial mortgage services from Shop Commercial Mortgage. Help fund your next commercial property purchase with our help at Shop Commercial Mortgage! Learn why we are an ideal choice by reading on.

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A typical bank can take a long time to close on a loan. You could end up waiting 90 days when working with a conventional bank. Instead of waiting this long for a loan to close, just reach out to us. At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we close your loan in 21 days or less.

Another perk to working with us at Shop Commercial Mortgage is we finance up to 75 percent loan to value ratio. This is significantly higher than banks allow, which is beneficial to shoppers like you! We don’t have due diligence fees and our loans span from $50,000 to $10 million. Our loan terms are available in one, three, five, seven, and 10-year plans, which helps with short-term bridge financing. We don’t require a lot of paperwork for our clients and base your loan on equity, rather than credit. If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, working with Shop Commercial Mortgage is a perfect option.

We work with individuals with all levels of credit ratings. Just because you have poor credit, or no credit at all, doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage loan from Shop Commercial Mortgage. We evaluate the property you own, rather than your credit score. If you have significant equity, we can create a private money loan perfect for your business needs. We can create this loan quickly and help you fund your projects with significant speeds. To get in touch with us at Shop Commercial Mortgage, simply call us at 813-368-9919 today!

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