Can I Get a Commercial Loan With Bad Credit?

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If you run a business or are starting a new one, you may be having trouble securing a commercial loan because of a low credit rating or a lack of established credit as a new business owner. It can be a Catch-22, because you need the loan to grow your business but you can’t get the money because you don’t qualify for the commercial loan. This is where Shop Commercial Mortgage can help. We offer Florida business owners hard or private commercial money up to 65% of LTV.

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One thing a business owner should do is clearly understand the negative issues on their credit report, and immediately dispute any and all of them. All disputes should be in writing; don’t rely on a phone call to clear up a credit dispute. You may have to send multiple letters to any creditor, and if they don’t respond to your dispute they are supposed to remove the item.

While you are working on improving your credit, you can use the equity in the existing business to support your new business or expansion. Shop Commercial Mortgage has over 150 years of accumulated commercial loan experience to help you get money faster. We can close a commercial loan quickly and with much less paperwork than any conventional lenders. And we charge no upfront fees!

Our investors are equity-driven, so your credit circumstances are less important to them. If you have an existing business with plenty of equity in the property and positive cash flow, Shop Commercial Mortgage can help you. Don’t be frustrated over and over by going to conventional lenders, let Shop Commercial Mortgage get you the money you need to support your business.

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