What is a Fast Cash Loan for Business?

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Are you in need of a loan to get your business moving forward? Looking for a fair and affordable interest rate? Getting tired of hearing no after no from the banks? Whatever your situation, Shop Commercial Mortgage has the fast cash loan you need for your business. But what exactly is a fast cash business loan? Is it right for you?

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A fast cash loan is just that: the money you need, in a short amount of time! With a fast cash loan, you’ll receive a sum of money in any amount between $5,000 and $100,000. The loan is then repaid over a twelve month period of time. You can even pay it off in a shorter amount of time if you so choose: there are no prepayment penalties for repaying quickly. The interest rates on a fast cash loan are also significantly lower than those of other loans. On a typical $50,000 loan, you would end up repaying just $57,500 over the course of 12 months. Compare that with other loans, where the typical repayment would be closer to $69,000! How is this possible? Well, with a fast cash loan, the amount of interest you owe is reduced every time you make a payment and reduce your total amount owed. That means significant savings for you and your business.

So, what are the benefits of a fast cash loan for your business?

Fast Financing

The process of obtaining a loan from a financial institution is a long and arduous one. Even the simplest of bank loans demands a never-ending supply of forms, statements, and other documents, and forces the borrower to wait for months on end. With a fast cash loan from Shop Commercial Mortgage, our experienced underwriting team will issue a confirmation quickly. There’s no need to wait for weeks on end to get the money you need.

No Prepayment Penalties or Fixed Repayment Amount

Banks and other traditional financial institutions often charge fees if you repay the balance before the due date. At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we are invested in your success and structure our fast cash loans without prepayment penalties. There is also no fixed repayment amount, because you lower it each time you make a payment.

No Ridiculous Fees

Banks and other institutions charge exorbitant fees. Cash advances and requests come with associated fees that keep continually mounting. With a fast cash loan from Shop Commercial Mortgage, you won’t be hit with fee after fee.

If you’ve been in business for a minimum of two years and your business is stable, thriving, and profitable, we want to endorse you for a fast cash loan. When the banks tell you no, come to Shop Commercial Mortgage and let us tell you yes! Our Florida Hard Money Investor will get you the cash your business so desperately needs. Ask Shop Commercial Mortgage about fast cash loan and even commercial loans today!

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