Florida Commercial Collateral Loan Program: An Alternative to Bank Loans

At SMC we offer fast and flexible, non-restrictive collateral-based private money loans as an alternative to traditional bank loans and lenders. Banks and traditional lenders will require extensive paperwork that banks’ underwriting departments will need from the borrowers. We however at SMC, even if you have had a foreclosure or bankruptcy, will give our borrowers a chance to get the capital they against the collateral of their mixed-use property, multi-family property, apartment buildings, strip centers, hotels, and restaurants. Our underwriters and private investors use “Common Sense Underwriting” and give many of the borrowers who have been turned down by the banks an approval using common sense decisions on their financial income.

Thumps Up Approved

Collateral based commercial loans are tailored by our specialized investors who have millions of private money capital for your commercial Florida real estate. Traditional commercial lenders require two years of business income taxes, two years of personal income taxes, pro forma statements, profit and loss statements, leases, cap rates, and many other factors that can lead to excessive over-analysis and the turning down of a good borrower.

Our collateral based commercial, lite documentation, or no documentation stated commercial loans, we offer, 2, 3 5 and 7 years terms, rates form 8 to 12 %, programs with and without prepayment penalties, no upfront fees, no credit needed, close in LLC, and your tax returns can show a lot unlike the banks which is a 100% turndown on your commercial deal. We are the most unique commercial hard money outlet in Florida. All commercial lenders, even hard money ones, will cap you and you must borrow at least $100,000 or more when all you need is $30,000. We go down to $30,000 and up to $5,000,000. No problem big or small loan at SCM we can help you with the special needs for your financial situation.

We say yes when banks say no, we or proven, and specialize in closing your commercial hard money loans fast, quick, easy and no bank hassles giving you the capital you need in many times under 21 days. If you have a commercial land loan, construction commercial deal, bridge loan, owner-occupied commercial building, if your leasing our your commercial building, need to purchase a commercial building no problem we have one of a kind programs designed for your special financial needs.

Collateral based commercial hard money Florida loans or loans using the collateral in your free and clear, paid off, or zero mortgage or very small mortgage balance on your Florida commercial real estate such as hotel, bar, plaza, marina, self storage, golf course, strip center, retail store, mixed-use, and multi-family building. Banks will look at your credit and income we will look only at your collateral in your property and the loan and loan to value is based on the equity in your property only. Our investors will visit your property and save you thousands of dollars by now making you get an appraisal if your property is free and clear. If owe back taxes on the property when it goes to closing it must be paid, your title must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, once the investor is satisfied you will get a clear to close. We offer alternatives in financing to banks or lenders, by eliminating excessive and tough underwriting guidelines they require and instead focus on using your collateral to make smart, sound, good business, and underwriting decisions. We keep your loan to values low and make sure you can afford the payments.

  • No Income Taxes
  • No Appraisal
  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Bank Hassles
  • No Long Underwriting Times
  • No Applications Fees
  • No Credit Required

We require:

  • Collateral in your Florida Real Estate
  • 24 months of bank statements
  • Clear title on the building
  • You must own the land and the building
  • Small balance on the building
  • Use Cash for whatever Reason

At SMC you don’t have to rely on the traditional banks to apply for a commercial loan, and if you get turned down. We have millions in commercial private money capital, to help Florida commercial borrowers who have a great equity position in their commercial property and have a few road bumps with their credit but or collateral rich. Please call us and see how we can help you get the funding you need fast easy and quick. Trust our experience, excellence and proven results to make your dreams come true. Our hundreds of years of experience and vast network of hard money investors have build a strong bridge of lenders who can meet whatever commercial hard money request in today’s financially unstable world. We bring calm to the storm, eliminate the stress of the loan process, and save you thousands in needless fees. That is looking out for our borrowers and wanting to build long-lasting relationships to do future business as well.

FL Commercial Hard Money Loans

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