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In today’s lending environment and chaos at the commercial level, it’s very hard for self-employed borrowers to pull money out of their commercial real estate. When you factor in all the underwriting elements working against you.

Long Underwriting times, Upfront appraisal fees, 60 to 90 Closing times, Very difficult income verification process, and many times you can meet all these conditions and still get turned down. We have a vast network of hedge funds, banks, subprime companies, and private and hard money lenders who realize that these borrowers have excellent equity in good commercial properties and will repay the loans. We are seeking strip centers in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, and Naples. If you are self-employed and have hit a roadblock and need to pull cash out of the equity in your strip center no problem.

At SCM, we serve to help commercial clients find the right funding source and loan program to meet your strip center refinance, and equity loan needs. We have closed many strip centers and work closely with the borrowers to guide you through the streamlined underwriting process making the whole loan process; Fast, Easy, and Non-Stressful.


  • Loan size 50k to 10 Million
  • Terms 3/5/7/10 years
  • Make Sense underwriting
  • No bank hassles
  • Close in 21 days or Less
  • No upfront appraisal fees
  • Loans tailored to meet your unique commercial financial needs
  • Fast, Easy, Simple, and Non Hassles unlike the bank draws the process out
  • No due diligence fees
  • Limited Documentation No problem
  • Previous bks no problem. Banks will not allow it
  • Previous foreclosure no problem. Banks will not allow it

Our investors in local Florida, will drive personally and meet with you to inspect your property and get to know you face to face doing business the old-fashioned way. We focus only on strip centers in Florida so we can devote our time to meeting the specific needs of our Florida commercial clients. When you need to get cash out of your strip center for the following reasons.

  • You need to purchase new equipment
  • You need to remodel or update the building
  • You need to pay property taxes on the building
  • You need money for updating/repairing the building
  • Do you want to purchase another building
  • You need to pay off an IRS lien on the building

Whatever the reason we can help you. Our investors will place a first trust mortgage on your building and release it once it’s paid off. They are flexible and understand things happen and are only one phone call away. If you should be late for a reason, call us and make arrangements, banks will not be so understanding. That’s the advantage of dealing with a pool of smaller lenders, and hedge funds that offer magnificent, remarkable, and excellent customer service to help our special clients. We want to make you a long-term client, it’s not about doing just one loan. We want your business to grow with our business. Call us about our hard and private money strip center loan programs today. We are certain that our competitive advantages and customer service will exceed anything you can find at the bank.

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