Florida Commercial Hard Money Financing

The commercial loan market in the United States is growing at a very rapid rate and commercial business owners have many reasons to refinance and pull cash out of their commercial real estate in Florida. Many banks make the commercial loan process very difficult for getting a commercial loan done because it takes 3 to […]

Florida Small Balance Commercial Loan

Florida real estate investors may find small-balance commercial properties a good investment in today’s economic climate. One example of a small-balance property would be a multi-family unit with five or more living areas. Four or less is considered residential, so perhaps you are already investing in multi-family units. Shop Commercial Mortgage can help you get established in small-balance commercial property investing.

Commercial Hard Money

Commercial hard money loans are secured with property equity, making credit checks and extensive financial examinations unnecessary. This makes hard money a perfect fit for self-employed borrowers, property owners with less than perfect credit, or any commercial borrowers looking for a fast source of cash for property improvements or business expansions.

Florida Commercial Building

Florida continues to see an increase in commercial apartment building construction and ownership. Many of these owners may need cash for improvements or to pay off debts but are unable to obtain conventional loans. This is where Shop Commercial Mortgage can help. We can supply funds to any apartment owner who has a building that is mortgage-free or has a small remaining balance.

Florida Commercial Land Loans

Shop Commercial Mortgage’s investor network is looking to supply loans to owners of free and clear commercial property in Florida. The property must be zoned commercial, although our investors will also consider rural properties on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to offer loans to landowners who need cash available from the equity in their land.

Florida Storage Unit Commercial Loans

Shop Commercial Mortgage can help Florida self-storage owners with cash-out loans they can’t get from conventional lenders. Self-storage units have increased in popularity with an estimated 25% growth in the last few years here in Florida. The owners of these facilities need cash to maintain them or perhaps for expansion. Put the accumulated equity to work with a cash-out loan from SCM.

Ft Lauderdale Commercial Private and Hard Money Loan Programs

Shop Commercial Mortgage specializes in commercial private and hard money lending in Ft. Lauderdale. We can provide financing on free and clear or small-balance commercial properties and real estate valued from $50K to $5M. If you have been turned down by the banks or can’t wait weeks for an approval that may never come, use Shop Commercial Mortgage for your next loan and get your answer in 24 to 48 hours!

Golf Course Loans

With its many retirement communities and a large influx of visitors and snowbirds, Florida has more golf courses than any other state. Shop Commercial Mortgage wants to help owners pull cash out of their investment in small, medium, or premier golf courses. We can treat your golf course investment like a land loan. Your golf course has buildings, a clubhouse, maintenance equipment, and employees needing to be paid which all require ongoing cash flow. Let SCM help you retrieve some of the accumulated equity in your course.

Hotels and Motels

Shop Commercial Mortgage is very interested in equity-based lending for hotels and motels in the state of Florida. As a major tourist destination, Florida has more hotels and motels than any other state and many of those businesses need cash for maintenance or expansion. Shop Commercial Mortgage can make that happen with our Gold Commercial hard or private money loans.

Commercial Loan Criteria

Shop Commercial Mortgage offers commercial hard money loans in as little as two weeks once we obtain your documentation. We use your equity in a free and clear or very low balance mortgaged commercial property. We charge no upfront or site visit fees; the only fee you may need to pay is from your property appraiser.