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Florida continues to see an increase in commercial apartment building construction and ownership. Many of these owners may need cash for improvements or to pay off debts but are unable to obtain conventional loans. This is where Shop Commercial Mortgage can help. We can supply funds to any apartment owner who has a building that is mortgage-free or has a small remaining balance.

Many of these property owners are self-employed entrepreneurs who may have less than perfect credit or show inconsistent income statements, or perhaps they have shown losses on their income taxes. These are red flags for banks and a refusal is almost guaranteed. Shop Commercial Mortgage’s investors use property equity to secure their funding, so income and credit ratings are not important. We will review 24 months of the business’ bank statements to look at cash flow and assess the property to understand the equity position. It’s fast and easy, and owners can expect to see their money in days once the property has been reviewed and approved. We have no upfront fees, no appraisal costs, and easy underwriting that will save you thousands of dollars. If you have an apartment building that is free and clear you can expect an answer in 24 hours.

Here are some details of our Florida Apartment Building Loan Program:

  • LTVs up to 65%
  • Rates 9-12%
  • Hard money loans from $50K to $5M — very few hard money lenders go that low
  • No upfront fees or appraisals
  • Previous foreclosures or bankruptcies are not a barrier
  • We cover the entire state of Florida
  • No credit or self-employment are okay
  • We can close in 21 days or less


Shop Commercial Mortgage leverages our excellent investor base to get you the best loan for your needs. You can close as an LLC which few lenders will allow. Use the funds for whatever you need and put that apartment building equity to work for you. If you have paid-off land and run out of money to finish the apartment building, we can supply funding based on the equity in the land. Try getting that approval from a bank — it won’t happen! For more information on our Apartment Building Gold Star Loan Program call or text Shop Commercial Mortgage today at 813-368-9919.

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