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Tampa Commercial Real Estate investors don’t have the time or patience to wait for conventional financing, and in many cases, the banks won’t finance speculative property or real estate flips. Shop Commercial Mortgage has an investor network ready to provide financing without all the cumbersome credit checks and endless paperwork.

Tampa, Florida

What our investors look for is equity in existing properties. We also look for the income potential for commercial properties and use those criteria to offer you financing. Many real estate investors may not have perfect credit ratings because they are quickly turning over properties without establishing a long payment history to boost their credit. What they do have is accumulated equity, and they can put that to work with Shop Commercial Mortgage.

The Tampa real estate market is hot and opportunities for prime real estate come and go quickly. If you are investing in real estate in the Tampa market you need to work quickly to prepare a good offer. Let Shop Commercial Mortgage work with you to quickly qualify for financing in a few days rather than weeks or even never with commercial banks.

Tampa real estate opportunities are also available in suburban Tampa including Brandon, Carrollwood, Lutz, Temple Terrace, Valrico, and other areas. We often approve financing without appraisals or upfront fees and can close in 21 days or less. We specialize in self-employed investors with free and clear property. If you are looking to buy new commercial property in the greater Tampa area, renovate an existing property, or buy land or other property for investment, don’t get caught up in the commercial bank black hole. Come to Shop Commercial Mortgage with your property information and let us put your equity to work!

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