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At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we offer millions in private money funds for your Orlando commercial real estate deals. Our focus is on offering you Orlando commercial hard money funds based on the equity in your Orlando commercial real estate.

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Of course, this is unlike banks where you can qualify for a commercial loan based on your credit that will take up to six months go get a commercial loan. We take the difficulty out and give you a lighting fast loan program based on equity not credit and catered for commercial self employed borrowers. Quick and fast capital to meet your companies growing needs in a fast paced business environment.
At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we have equity-based hard and private money commercial loan programs which are streamlined for those clients with tons of equity in their Orlando commercial buildings; however, who have problem credit or income issues. We leverage your equity to get the money you need to expand your business, purchase new equipment, make improvements to your business, pay property taxes, and use to maintain your commercial building. 
We look at all Orlando commercial property types, mixed use, land, retail space, hotels , motels, golf course, car wash, gas station, stores, strip centers. Orlando is such a huge strip center area,  leading the state with strip center commercial properties. We cater to small commercial business owners who cant, qualify for a bank loan and need to use the equity in their commercial real estate to get a loan, easy, fast, streamlined and close in less than 30 days. 
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If you are a self-employed commercial business owner and you have been turned down by the banks in Orlando, we would be happy to look at your commercial property and assess your special financial needs and determine the equity in your commercial property. Our typical process is to fund up to 65% on a commercial property such as a mixed use property or strip center. We are 100% equity based, limited documentation, many times no appraisal. The banks will ask you to pay 5,000 to 10,000 upfront for a commercial appraisal and you still might get declined 60,90, or 120 days later wasting very valuable time. Great terms, 2, 5, 7 10 year terms. No upfront fees. Loans are based 100% on the equity if your Orlando commercial real estate. Loan amounts 50,000 k to 5,000,000. We are seeking Florida deals only. Our hard money lenders preferred refinances only. 
Commercial office space, and strip center, retail space is growing tremendously in Orlando and many clients all can’t qualify for a bank loan. We have a very special niche for clients who need cash fast, easy, quick and have tons of equity in their Orlando commercial property. Our investors typically will do a 65 to 70% loan to value. Great terms and rates. All credit types considered, limited documentation, no long underwriting process. 
No upfront fees never pay any upfront fees. We believe the equity in your commercial building is enough and will not hold a few credit issues against you, if you need cash to save your commercial property, if you had a foreclosure in your past, if your commercial property in Orlando is going into foreclosure we may be able to help you as well.
At Shop Commercial Mortgage, our underwriters have hundreds of years of experience and we leverage our consortium of investors to get you the best deal and structure the deal exactly how you feel comfortable. You have may loan programs to choose form . We feel that our easy loan process, no credit qualifications, equity based commercial hard money and private money loans will be a great resource and option to give you the funds you need and the commercial cash out refinance you have been trying to get. If you have a balloon coming due on your Orlando commercial property please call us today. Thanks so much for your consideration and we hope to help you soon. 

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