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A poor credit score shouldn’t stop you from getting a real estate loan. It can be difficult to find loan providers who are willing to work with you when you have a less than perfect credit score, but that can all change with Shop Commercial Mortgage. If you’re in need of a real estate loan, but having a difficult time getting a loan near Tampa, continue reading this blog post to learn how Shop Commercial Mortgage can help.

Commercial Real Estate Loans from Shop Commercial Mortgage

There are many reasons that individuals can have a bad credit score. Maybe you just opened your accounts or maybe you experienced a financial hardship. While these events can hurt your credit, it is still possible to acquire a loan for real estate. Instead of seeking a bank loan, consider a residential or commercial hard money loan. Hard money loans are not based on an individual’s credit score, but rather their assets. The hard money loan deals with property, rather than credit. These loans are convenient, quick, and manageable for those with bad credit. Consider applying for a hard money loan if you have impaired credit, past bankruptcies, or are trying to avoid foreclosure. Hard money loans can assist those in need of property repositioning, quick closing, and bridge loans.

Instead of going from bank to bank and facing rejection based on your credit score, consider visiting Shop Commercial Mortgage for a hard money loan. We focus on your property, not your credit, so you can get the loan you need. For more information about our services here at Shop Commercial Mortgage, reach out to us via phone at 813-368-9919. We hope to hear from you soon!

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