Looking to Refinance Your Commercial Property?

If you have a high interest rate commercial mortgage, now may be a good time to refinance with Shop Commercial Mortgage. Let’s look at some reasons why we are the preferred source for commercial mortgage financing in Florida.


We work with you based on the accumulated equity in your property, not on a credit score or record. This allows us to provide fast and easy processing of your loan application without all the delays and headaches of commercial lenders. You don’t have to be concerned about a less than perfect credit score hurting your chances of refinancing your property.

Another advantage of working with Shop Commercial Mortgage is speed. We can normally process your loan application in 21 days or less and have much less stringent paperwork requirements than a conventional lender. You can get the money you need while you continue to operate your business without endless requests for more information and ongoing delays.

If you aren’t yet convinced that Shop Commercial Mortgage can help you, here are some more facts about us:

Over 150 years of commercial lending experience
Accurate quotes
Faster closing times
Rates 8-12%
Terms 1/2/3/5/7 years
We can close for LLC and partnership accounts
No upfront fees
Appraisal fees may not be required
No credit required
Income from leases okay

If you want to take advantage of the equity in your commercial property, it’s time to refinance with Shop Commercial Mortgage. If the banks have refused your application, your credit is less than perfect, you have a previous bankruptcy, or you have debt to income issues come to Shop Commercial Mortgage. Call or text us today at 813-368-9919.

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