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At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we offer the largest Florida commercial Hard Money Programs catering to commercial borrowers who own property, many times free and clear paid off commercial real estate and can’t get a traditional bank loan. They will use the equity in their free and clear mixed use, retail space, office building, strip center, office condo, gas station, warehouse, self storage to pull cash out super fast less than 30 day closing time unlike the old banks that or not flexible for those commercial borrowers with bruised credit.

Self Storage Units

Types of Properties We Like at SCM:

We like to see commercial Florida properties such as. 
Mixed Use
Strip Centers
Office Buildings
Golf Course
Retail Store
Liquor License
Land up to 60%
Boat Docks
Multi Family
Self Storage
Our private money investors or seeking commercial properties with pride of ownership, in great condition and good curb appeal as we or only looking at the equity in the property and not Credit. We will considers commercial properties in all of the state of Florida for a commercial hard and private money loan up to 65% and case by case up to 70% ltv.

Reasons to Consider a Commercial Hard and Private Money Lender:

Super Fast. unlike banks that can take up to 60 to 90 days you can close your commercial deal with clear title in less then 30 days
Lite Documentation. Unlike banks or conventional commercial loan lenders. We get limited documentation and take away the stress and frustration
No credit needed. We are only looking at the Equity in your Florida commercial building or real estate 
Great Terms and Rates, Terms 5/10/15/20/30 years, rates will vary 9% to 12% case by case.
No upfront fees ever. If you have the equity our investors will go directly and inspect your commercial property>
No upfront huge appraisal many banks will charge you 5,000 for a commercial appraisal, and make you jump through hoops for 60 days only to turn you down!
Stream lined commercial hard money loan process, limited paperwork, order title, bank statements and if the equity is their close fast.
Commercial Lending Questions Answered

Items Needed to Close Your Florida Commercial Hard Money Loan:

Title when you purchases your property or deed
Your tax returns can show a lost we need some business bank statements showing you have some postive cash flow
Self Employed borrowers no problems just bank statements
Lease to if you lease our your commercial property in Florida
Property Inspection by our Private Investors and on case by case limited appraisal
No upfront fees. We only use the equity in your property
Any liens on the property we will need to know

Why Use a Commercial Hard Money Lender:

You need to borrow money against your equity to purchase new equipment
You need to borrow money using the collateral in your commercial building to expand your building 
You need to pull cash out of your commercial building to pay off property taxes or irs leins
You or looking to upgrade your building, purchase new computer systems, improve the building, invest in the property, 
Your need capitial funds super fast to seize on an opportunity where the banks just take way to long and it would be lost waiting 60 to 90 days for them to make a decision. 

Advantages to use SCM over a Bank: 

Easy, Fast, Flexible no bank hassles and super lighting quick decisions all based on the equity in your Florida commercial building.  All property types considered. We will not hold a few credit dents over you head and require pages of explanations, we realize and our private lenders realize that most of our clients have made a few mistakes, we want to do business with realize who own real property. We offer great terms, we cater and can customize a loan program with our vast network of commercial investors to meet you special needs.
When you need to refinance your Florida commercial strip centers, mixed use or multi family property or apartment building then please give SCM a chance to win your business. We stress face to face old fashioned sit down and lets look at your equity, and see who we can make you deal work over 100 stipulations that have to be meet and months of endless paperwork the banks will require you to meet. No upfront or out of pocket expenses. Why spend thousands on and upfront appraisal. When we look at the equity in your property to make the deal work.  At Shop Commercial Mortgage, we think our competitive advantages will become apparent when you look at the details.
We look forward to working on your next Florida commercial hard money refinance or equity loan. 

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