Three Ways to Get Funds for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment can offer a positive way to make some money, but like any business venture, it can take some money to make it. You have to have a capital fund to purchase that first business parcel and have added funds to renovate and pay taxes until it is sold. This can be difficult if you are self-employed or are not mentioned in the will of a rich relative. There are some ways to get funds for real estate investing, and here are three of them.

Get money from private lenders

This may not be the easiest option to make happen, but you may have access to a private lender who is willing to invest in your real estate venture. It might be a friend or family member willing to use their money to help you get started or to continue your business with more purchases. You need to offer them a higher return than they can obtain with their current investment methods to get people willing to help you out.

Use a hard money lender

Hard money lenders, like Shop Commercial Mortgage, use equity-based lending to secure their loans. We look at existing equity in a property that you own free and clear and then will offer a percentage of that equity secured by the property. This is useful for someone who already owns business properties, but a new real estate investor may have a property with equity that can start the process. Using Shop Commercial Mortgage for your hard money loan is both quick and easy and doesn’t have the red tape associated with conventional lenders.

Develop a partnership

The last option is finding a business partner who helps support your investments financially. Shop Commercial Mortgage can also assist you with partnerships with our ability to provide part of the money needed to purchase that first business property.

When you are ready to dive into commercial real estate investing, please consider Shop Commercial Mortgage for your hard money lending needs. We can get you money in just days so you won’t miss opportunities to purchase that prime piece of real estate. For more information call or text Shop Commercial Mortgage at 813-368-9919.

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